Why Our DVDs Are Better

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Sure, you've seen them in the stores. Cheap DVDs of movies in the public domain. Sometimes priced at just a couple of dollars. Well, you get what you pay for. Lousy, low quality film transfers made from beat up, worn out prints. Have you ever been satisfied with these? I doubt it!

One thing all of these cheapies have in common is they're usually mastered from video tape of one form or another. Even from (gulp!) VHS! No wonder they look awful! On top of that, the vast majority have also been cheaply authored and over compressed resulting in pixelation, choppy movement, digital artifacts and more.

Here's why our DVDs are better:

1. We use only the finest film sources available.

2. We NEVER master from tape. Our movies are transferred directly from the best available film elements at high resolution directly into a computer hard drive. No analog steps come between the film and the DVD. In fact, the only analog step in our process is the film itself!

3. Our DVDs are never over compressed. They're not stuffed with too much content which degrades the overall image quality. On our discs you get a feature and perhaps a short or cartoon, or even a small collection of shorts alone. The digital files have plenty of elbow room to play at their highest possible quality (bitrate).

4. Our silent films are never silent and almost all are presented with a custom music score that has been especially composed and performed for the film!

You can buy from Reelclassicdvd.com with confidence. You'll get the best possible quality on everything we offer!

Why our DVDs are Better
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